Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Market support


... a handful of banks, most specifically Goldman Sachs, constitute the majority of NYSE trading volume... This "back and forth trade" between a handful of institutions is nothing more than the old "pump and dump" game that has been played in the OTC market forever - and almost always screws the individual investor.

This is no different than you and I selling a house back and forth between us repeatedly, each time at a higher price. We both appear to be geniuses as we're both making a "profit", right?

Well, no. One of us is destined to take a horrifying loss if we do not find a sucker to make the final transaction with.

I wondered what was keeping it all up. And sooner or later...

P.S. Rob Kirby strongly suspects that similar manipulation is going on in oil and gold - one kept up, the other down. (For an update on the latter, click on the goldcam.)


Paddington said...

This is what has enabled the upward transfer of wealth. The small investor is bound to get screwed when the various bubbles burst.

Wolfie said...

This gem is now doing the rounds.

Sackerson said...

Thanks, Wolfie - real Evil Empire stuff.