Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not the end, as long as you and I breathe

Looks like the US is in the process of nationalising the banks and the stockmarket, loosely speaking, and the UK is following suit; now Mish says Russia and China are doing the same. All is falling into government hands.

I've been wondering recently: if, in the idealistic pursuit of universal peace and justice, we ever did manage to establish a World Government, and it became (as all human institutions do), inefficient, bureaucratic, undemocratic, corrupt and more or less evil, how would anybody escape? Where could we go to?

And Denninger is now singing a requiem for American government and democracy; perhaps prematurely - hasn't the often-mocked blogosphere uncovered a depth of feeling among the people in favour of liberty?


Deb Acle said...

Let's hope and pray that many speak up for liberty and democracy and the rule of law and ethics....

But isn't all this 'nationalisation' an ironic twist in the ongoing struggle between socialism and capitalism?


The USA has forgotten its roots. Cut off from its roots, the bloom withers.