Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Judge Mental rules on religion

Yet another group of young men has been found guilty of conspiring to commit mass murder for political-religious reasons.

Britain has extended tolerance to religious dissenters for over three centuries - e.g. the Toleration Act of 1689 - but always on terms designed to maintain peace and national sovereignty.

Perhaps the regulation of religion needs to be brought up-to-date, and maybe the model should be changed. Everything is commoditised these days, so why not treat emotional investments in chosen philosophies like financial ones?

For example, after a rant against the infidel and a call to slaughter him, for which the promised return is an eternity of brilliant food and sex in Heaven, firebrand preachers should add, "Regulatory warning: souls can go down as well as up."


dearieme said...

James VI arrived in England keen to lower the emotional temperature about religion. His reward was a bunch of Roman Catholic fanatics trying to blow up King, Lords and Commons.


He got to the throne with the assistance of the RCs, but having got there, he memorably said, "Na, na, we'll no' need the Catholics noo." A twicer, as the Irish say.

"Scots are over-represented in English political life and the media" - Discuss.


... Oh, and unions, too.

dearieme said...

A country must find its intellectuals somewhere - England has long turned to Scots and Jews.


Forgive l'esprit de l'escalier but...

The God of the Jews loves mankind.

The Scots... do youu know the story of the Scottish preacher who described the torments of the damned, and how when they cried "Lord, we didna ken" were answered with "Aye weel, ye ken the noo"?