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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Puplava on the energy market

Financial Sense Newshour, July 7: Jim Puplava sees a long bull market in energy.

This is because there is a long-term upward trend in demand. In the West, we use more devices in the home - and in the US, new homes are actually getting bigger, requiring more energy for space heating; and in the developing world, people are keen to join the consumer lifestyle - "Next year, emerging market energy demand will surpass industrialized countries' energy demand for the first time in history". Meanwhile, extraction costs are rising.

Puplava sees 3 themes in relation to the energy market:
  • efficiency
  • new types of transportation (e.g. hybrids), or more use of old types (e.g. railways, barges)
  • substitute fuels (e.g. ethanol) / alternative energy resources (especially nuclear, solar and wind)


Pier said...

Per capita KwH use of electrical power is lower in California than other states in the Mid-west.

This Jim Puplava guy should check his facts first.

Sackerson said...

Thanks for your comment. Setting aside comparison with other states, can you tell us whether the consumption trend over time is upwards, either in California or the US generally, as Puplava seems to say?