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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Inflation, housing losses and a stockmarket bubble.

Richard Daughty aka The Mogambo Guru lays about him on 12 July. The housing bubble continues to deflate and inflation is up.

Apparently M3 (no longer reported as such by the Fed) has risen from 8% to 13.7% since figures ceased to be released officially. Looking across the water at the UK, our M4 (bank private lending) has averaged over 13.5% over the four quarters ending 31 March, so it seems we're in the same boat.

A disturbing element in Daughty's report is the notion (relayed from Gary Dorsch at Global Money Trends) that the strategy of US Treasury chief Henry Paulson is to engineer a stockmarket bubble to offset the losses in the housing market. This, as cinemagoers used to say in the days of continuous showing, is where we came in.

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