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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dow value afterthought

...and if we remember the heady close of December 1999, before tech stocks burst, the Dow was then at 11,497.12. We've had 7 years and 7 months elapse since, with an average growth of just under 2% compound per year. Adjusted for inflation (or available bank deposit interest rates), we've actually fallen behind; or, from a different point of view, we're not so wildly overvalued.

Actually, what I suspect has happened is that the balloon has a tear in it, and has been kept from falling to earth by massive amounts of extra monetary hot air; but "in real terms" we're still stuck somewhere in 1999. In short, we haven't yet faced up to the problems of our economy.

To use a different analogy, we're still drinking, in order to put off the hangover. But maybe there's lots more "booze" left (i.e. the Fed's printing press, aped by the Bank of England and others) and our "livers" (the real economy of production and jobs) will hold out a while longer.

It's not a strategy I'd recommend. I wonder what you think.

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