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WEEKENDER *REPOST*: To Vote Or Vote Not, by Wiggia

Blogger is acting oddly and I recall that MS Word has been censoring drafts for a year or two. Are Gates' myrmidons interfering here? So I submit this again in the hope that everything can go through as intended.

The energy that is being expended by the Conservative party in a vain attempt to stave off political annihilation in the forthcoming general election is but a sideshow in their path to oblivion. I could be wrong but even Lazarus would be hard pushed to save the day such is their state.

Should we care?

“An unelected body like the WHO, controlled and run by multibillionaires, should never be allowed to act in place of a democratically elected government."

~ Christine Anderson MEP

I cannot remember a similar disclaimer such as the following on the government’s petition site, not exactly inspiring confidence in support of the sovereign nation over a signed treaty with an  organisation  that again is elected by no-one but sponsored largely by Bill Gates!

“The UK Government will not end our WHO membership. We are committed to working with the WHO to tackle the world’s health issues. We do not and will never cede sovereign powers through our partnership.” 

If the UK signs an international treaty with the WHO then we will cede all sovereign claims as we do with so much else when international law is quoted.



After the Upper Chamber fraction of the Conservative party (VVD) voted this week IN FAVOUR of compelling all local authorities to accommodate set quotas of asylum seekers (flying in the face of its own election manifesto policy and its Lower Chamber fraction's vote AGAINST this), the latest polling shows Geert Wilder's Freedom Party (PVV) would now gain 49 seats in Lower Chamber elections.

This is an increase of 12 seats since the election last November, all taken from the VVD, which now would only have 12; making the PVV fraction four times larger (!) than the VVD, which was the dominant party in the outgoing coalition ...
Coalition formations talks due to continue tomorrow.

This poll result will only strengthen Geert's position.


Still at least the march towards Net Zero is going well, alongside having to pay for gas and nuclear to be on standby for when the sun does not shine and wind does not blow, examples ad nauseam. We now have from the horse’s mouth so to speak another reason not to want to go the net zero route.

Energy bills must rise to pay for net zero, says Siemens Energy boss


"The WEF is a fanatical political organisation that uses fear and manipulation, like Covid hysteria, like the hoax of global warming, to really facilitate people thinking that somehow they're the saviours, but really all you're doing is helping them accomplish their goal, which really is a global public-private fascist movement, and fusion of big government, big tech [and] big money, to create a technocratic ruling elite, which conveniently is them."

"They want to create feudalism 2.0, in which we are serfs, and they are the lords ruling over us… That's what they're aiming for."

Covid remorse:

An MP sees the light but only in a vain attempt to save his job, it’s the cynic in me…

We MPs Need to Recognise That What We Did to the Country During Covid Was Wrong

‘We’re finished’:

Alistair Heath in the Daily Telegraph describes the Western slide into an impoverished state:

The continent is incapable of recovering from its present economic, military and demographic crises.

Enoch Powell on the Dick Cavett show in 1971, predicting the future:

"Large parts of parts of our cities will by the beginning of the next century will be occupied by a population which has nothing in common with the people of this country."

The WEF and WHO

The strange and dangerous WEF is a magnet for the elite who spout endless garbage about how to run the world, every year  virtually all the western leaders make a pilgrimage to Davos to mix with like minds, the WEF is an unelected forum with ever increasing influence, nobody voted for any of its members yet western leaders flock to Davos despite the nonsensical and elitist statements that emerge.

Why? We left the EU because those that voted leave wanted out of an over ruling self appointed body that gives itself ever more powers, why would we want to take notice of a world wide organisation or at least a western world one after having left a similar body, what is behind it all.

The same can be said of the WHO, run by a man associated with terrorists in his past it has no more justification than the WEF to exist, yet again we are in danger of signing up to treaties that are binding.

Where is the push back to all this, there is none and the pressure for changes that affect us all grows, just this week a couple of ‘elites’ made statements under the banner of the WEF…

Jane Goodall thinks the world would be better if the population were reduced by 90%.

Klaus Schwab says the world will no longer be run by superpowers like America… it will be run by the World Economic Forum stakeholders, such as BlackRock and Bill Gates.

And regards the WHO, we can only hope this is true…

‘The WHO Overplays its Hand and Watches Support Drain Away’

That gives a flavour of the group think within.


A comment from elsewhere sums up the lack of true democratic rule.

“The Biden farrago only further exposes how the USA has silently reverted to a monarchical system.

Biden has no power, but the position of President does. Those powers are exercised in the name of the President by an inner coterie that includes officials and elected representatives using Presidential Executive Orders.

In Britain it is called the Royal Prerogative and Privvy Council using Statutory Instruments.

They live in a Republic, we live in a Monarchy. Neither of us live in a democracy.

It matters not whether the President is a drooling senile geriatric, or that the King is on his deathbed. They decide nothing and need to be capable only of breathing as everything is decided in their name.

The EU doesn’t even pretend that it’s a democracy.”

In many ways it all gives the impression that the elites have handed over power to a higher authority. Judging by recent events they can’t even be bothered to go through the motions of governance.

It has all become too easy. Layer upon layer of authority is created and ‘friends’ get the opportunity to suck at the taxpayer’s teat without ever putting in a shift. Grift at all levels becomes the norm.

We are insulted with appointments of people we would not in the real world have running a whelk stall. David Cameron, yes he of the ‘I will implement the result of the referendum post haste’ who then immediately resigned has returned as Foreign Secretary. He who had to start a war to cement his legacy alongside his idol Blair is now thought to be ‘the man’ to do deals to cement peace. He is already acting as though he never went away and this piece of largesse from a country in deep poo monetarily will shoulder the cost. He even has eyes on the NHS helping Gazans with flying in children for treatment.

Cameron - "We have found homes for 300,000 Ukrainians and a solid future for them in the UK"

We were told they would only be here temporarily. These homes could have gone to our thousands of homeless people.


As if the NHS has time on its hands not enough people to treat! Of course all MPs will back any measures of this type, but then they all have private medical insurance.

A short aside about the NHS: while waiting in the GPs surgery for my wife to be assessed I was drawn to the TV screen above the reception area that showed an endless series of slides on how to help the NHS by basically not using it or save it money by buying your own medication over the counter.

It finished with two slides telling non-nationals and immigrants that they can sign on here and it is not a problem. The second slide showed  two documents crossed out and the words “If you have no documents you can still sign on and access NHS services it is not a problem.” Occasionally you really could not make it up.

The list of failure and false claims for improvement in society and the general population grows daily and all the time the antisemitic party waits in the wings to take over. Is this the best the country or any other of the major powers can do, or are we just going to succumb to the inevitable?

I see nothing that would make my cross on a piece of paper worth the effort to make the trip to a polling station. The third rate occupiers of the green benches don’t deserve to be there and at least I can take the George Carlin attitude to it all.

Editor’s note: the results of this week’s two by-elections seem to show no significant increase in support for Labour; instead there was a big stay-away by disillusioned Conservative voters. Analaysis by veteran journalist Richard North here. A friend recently surprised me when he said he thought Labour could lose the next General Election.


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