Monday, February 06, 2023

The balloon goes up

Friday’s flap about a Chinese weather balloon over the USA… One rumour was that the bloon was dirigible, which is odd since it seems to have wobbled along a very circuitous route to get over those US missile sites, however briefly.

Laughable, in a Strangelove kind of way. Even the BBC news site was wondering why the Chinese would use a balloon when they already have spy satellites that could probably read the headlines on your newspaper.

The kerfuffle may have been a litmus test for the gullibility of morons, like BoJo’s claim that Putin told him in a phone conversation that he (Putin) could drop a missile on his (Johnson’s) head in a minute - we await the killer audio clip.

Why would the American elite care about morons anyway? They cost more in measly social benefits than they pay in taxes, they don’t vote and they have barely enough English to read the National Enquirer, let alone put pen to paper to castigate their Congressmen. Klaus Schwab is talking about implants in everyone’s head to read their innermost thoughts; thank goodness for AI because much of the intercept would have the spy class driven crazy by the garbage or shooting themselves out of boredom.

In reality, this petty incident is more a litmus test of the Great American Empire’s desperation to keep war fever going and pivot it towards China.

For it’s clear that Russia is winning, has all but won, the conflict in Ukraine, in conventional terms, at least; and the Russkies have been very careful indeed to avoid triggering NATO’s Article 5 - see how eager anonymous spokesmen were to accuse Russia of killing a couple of rural Poles with a missile, and the Establishment’s chagrin when it turned out the explosion had been a stray Ukrainian air defence rocket.

Again, the seeming irrationality of the Right Guys is even greater than their aggressiveness. Do they imagine that an all-out conflict would be contained within Europe? Or perhaps they hope not; maybe it’s the Great Winnowing of Morons, with the privileged few hunkered down in their bunkers, planning to repopulate the West with superior types. I don’t suppose the admission list for this breedorama will include the grossly overweight and sexually blurred; at least, not among the females. There’s a great movie to be made out of this but it would kill Hollywood to do it.

Getting information from ‘alternative’ sources is like picking peanuts out of poo, but the alternative, the mainstream news media, is almost pure horseshit, so what can you do?

I gather the Russians have been chewing though the triple-layered Maginot line that the Ukrainians built over eight years; and that the promised supplies of tanks etc to Zelensky(y) are token and if they actually arrive will be swiftly destroyed, leaving the EU/NATO even weaker. I hear that the American defensive umbrella that for so long released European finances for their social programs is failing and so EU countries will be wondering why they should remain Washington’s vassal states; especially when the US has blown up Nordstream and is now selling them expensive American LNG, and when a planned war with China (on the other side of the world) will shut off the supply of cheap finished goods.

It’ll take a lot more hot air than is in that balloon, to persuade Europe to collude in its own demise. At least, you would think so, if there was a functioning democracy, instead of types like the idiot Baerbock, contemptuously turning their backs on their electorate.

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