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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

He Ain't Heavy

The Hollies' 'He ain't heavy, he's my brother' (1969) is so moving, but I didn't know what inspired it.
Now I do:

1921: an orphan from the local Boys Town home carries his disabled brother
at the Krug Amusement Park, Omaha, Nebraska



1 comment:

Scrobs. said...

That is so very interesting! I always loved the song, and also The Hollies - even buying 'For certain because...', when I had absolutely no money...

It rings a bit with me, this song, as when my Uncle Bill collapsed very close to his twin sister, my Aunty Molly, she had to somehow get him back upright, and being so much smaller, she had to put lots of effort into the job!

She told me later that all she could think about, was the title of your post, and that rather brings a lump to the throat for me...

The Omaha story is amazing, and a record of decency not appreciated these days.