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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

What has happened to the Skripals? What will happen to Julian Assange?

Blogmire author Rob Slane re-examines the incoherent story of the 2018 "Salisbury poisonings" and challenges Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu of the Metropolitan Police to answer some questions:


Yesterday marked a twelvemonth since the incident. Mr Skripal has not been in contact with his mother in Russia since. His daughter (allegedly) had some communication with her cousin, at first angry that the incident had been made public, and later saying that she now had access to the Internet and understood everything; then incommunicado since last July.

Where are the Skripals now? Held securely to prevent another attack? Relocated and given new identities, under a sort of witness protection program? Held incommunicado against their will? "Six feet under"?

UPDATE (10 A.M.):

Russian Embassy website response to Skripal affair (link provided by commenter "JuliaJ" on the Off-Guardian): https://rusemb.org.uk/fnapr/6762

Alternative narrative provided by Michael Antony, suggesting that Mr Skripal was supposed to be the thrid passenger on a flight back to Moscow but was prevented by British intelligence (original post via Russophile site The Saker): https://off-guardian.org/2019/03/05/the-skripal-case-an-alternative-narrative/

* * *

In Julian Assange's case, we know where he is: in a CCTV-infested, permanently curtained and ill-ventilated room in the Ecuadorian Embassy behind Harrod's in London, monitored by a man in a glazed cubicle in the corner. Even a prisoner of HMG held in solitary confinement would have periodic access to exercise and fresh air. He's been there for nearly eight years. Is he to die there?

The distinguished investigative journalist John Pilger wrote yesterday of his visit to Assange. Pilger says Assange is the victim of a game of cat-and-mouse because via Wikileaks, Assange exposed Hillary Clinton's indirect involvement with Islamic terrorism funded and armed by Saudia Arabia and Qatar.


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What kind of State are we in?


Paddington said...

I don't buy it.

a) Every US government has been selling lots of arms to the Saudis and Qatar for decades. We have also know about their 'secret' support of terrorists. After all, Osama bin Laden was a rich Saudi.

b) If they had actually been able to make something stick to Hillary Clinton, they would have done so.

Sackerson said...

And the Skripals?

Paddington said...

Not a clue