‘The big education for me is that civilisation is fragile and can be destroyed in a heartbeat' - Jeremy Brade, former peacekeeper in Sarajevo.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Here comes Mary Jane




Paddington said...

I have never been a user, but find it ridiculous that one can ban a plant which grows wild here.

On the other hand, I have seen too many people whose will was sapped by the stuff. They didn't do harm, they did nothing.

Paddington said...

He sounds so much like his departed brother.

Sackerson said...

As with alcohol and tobacco, a core issue is commercial interest (legal or illegal), which will always seek to increase consumption.

And your point about loss of drive is also central. Mixed-up and directionless young people will be led off down the stoner path in those vital years when they should be finding their way in work and society. In Lawrence Durrell's "Bitter Lemons" the old men past capacity for working would smoke marijuana under the Tree of Idleness, but that had a clear socially accepted context.