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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Thought for the day: inequality

"Scheidel’s book* shows that historically, the only way high inequality has been flattened has been through catastrophe: disease, famine, world war, societal collapse or communist revolution."

- Quoted in "Evonomics":

Is there another way?.

*Walter Scheidel, "The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century", Princeton, January 2017


A K Haart said...

"Is there another way?"

If there isn't then trying to flatten inequality is foolish.

Sackerson said...

If there isn't then we have to make personal preparations.

Paddington said...

This has all happened before, in Spain and France for the 1500's and 1600's, for example.

The top held all of the wealth, and nothing improved at all.

James Higham said...

Well that’s Ok, we have a crash coming.