Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Serenade - British light classical music

We start in the country, as it used to be....

"Pastoral Montage", by Gideon Fagan (1950):

Ronald Binge - "Autumn Leaves"

Then it's into the outskirts of town...

Knightsbridge March by Eric Coates (1933):

... heading for the West End...

Robert Farnon - Westminster Waltz (1958):

... and a glamorous night out:

Trevor Duncan - High Heels (1950):


Long programmes...

"A Little Light Music - Friday Night Is Music Night" (BBC):

"A Little Light Music - Music for Everybody" (BBC):

... a 77-track,  4-CD compilation "British Light Music Classics" by the New London Orchestra, conducted by Ronald Corp, can be sampled and bought here: ...

... and finally, there's a specialist blog dedicated to British Classical Music:


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