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Friday, April 22, 2011

Things I don't know about Libya

Who is the legitimate ruler, or what is the legitimate government, of Libya? Is is Gaddafi, or Zaid Hamid, or who?

Is there a legitimate government at all? If so, why has 40% of its ground forces been destroyed? If not, why has the situation not been resolved in 40 years?

How do we decide who should rule? Does any outsider have the right to decide?

Who(m) are we "helping"? In what way are they "better"? What will they do if they win?

At what point does the destruction of the "government's" forces constitute an attempt at "regime change"? Is this legitimate, or not (there seems to have been considerable wobbling about this in HM Government recently)?

Is this whole thing like Italy's (Mussolini's) campaign in Ethiopia in the 1930s?

Should the UK have declared war on Mussolini as soon as we perceived that he was a ruthless dictator?

What happens if we stop now?

What happens if we don't stop?

How do other African and Arab nations view our actions?

Is this going to imperil us at home?

How did these Arab rebellions really start? Did Western secret services have anything to do with it?

When will we get some in-depth, non-partisan discussion on the mainstream media about these issues?


James Higham said...

Think it's David Cameron, isn't it?

Mark Wadsworth said...

None of us know the answers.

The only question I can answer is "Would the outside world have minded too much if the UK had kept its nose out of all this?"

Sackerson said...


Anonymous said...

At what point would it be reasonable for Gaddafi's fifth column in the UK to strike back against the colonialist aggression?