Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Down with the Bolligarchs!

"Governing is quite simple, really," remarked Kameronski. "It's merely a matter of knouting the krestyan and taxing the burzhuaznyĭ. Some," and he looked about him meaningfully as a dread silence enveloped the room, "fail to understand the necessity of firmness."

The figure on the right in the last image is that of the hapless Osbornski, purged with other moderates and revisionists in the ensuing Party reorganisation. His wilier successor Clarkov, known as "old Stone-Liver", survived until the latter half of the decade.


James Higham said...

I've rubbed up against the Bollinger and other clubs in the past, mainly in the skiing season and Waugh was not wide of the mark, all those years ago. When young, we acted almost exaggeratedly superior - pipe smoking was a big thing at a club a few of us were in.

In Casino Royale, in the train scene, she mentions he had been at that school by the grace of someone else's money and that was me too. While I never lost my humble origins, I also never lost the education.

None of them kept up with me and I didn't attempt to, roughly after my 21st party. Perhaps the antipodean connection was the killer there. In my first marriage - she was a would-be society queen, I met some of them again and they basically ran things. It's the most natural thing to do so because you're asked - you slip into it.

You end up in no man's land. None of them think to include you in guest lists or call you up because you don't share their predilections nor are you of their station. Nor do the grammar or comprehensive boys have anything to do with you because you hardly know any of them and your manner is not theirs.

That's the class system at work.

Sackerson said...

I think Osborne's the one they sent out for the sandwiches.