Saturday, August 01, 2009

Green news

Overnighting in the South Hams, we pass Dartington Primary School, which is relocating nearby to a £6 million purpose-built zero-carbon site. Interesting.

As it happens, this year's Key Stage 2 SATS English (for 11-year-olds) was about low-environmental-impact housing - the Earthship.

Should I be for or against? Is this Marie Antoinette territory - a dreamworld for the well-heeled - or is it the way forward for us all?


James Higham said...

Zero carbon site - how awful.

Sackerson said...

I prefer my sausages burnt.

Paddington said...

If you take away people's hope for a better future, what is left?

Sackerson said...

I agree with the principle, though you need to factor in the energy/environmental cost of the change - like whether to change your old car for a new-made but more fuel-efficient one. It'll be a new way of accounting.

The savings on heating in public buildings could be tremendous - and have other benefits, too. Where I work, the heating is via hot air blown down from the ceiling (where it will wish to return immediately, of course). It is distractingly noisy, oppressively hot, desiccating, dusty and germ-laden.