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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Brother has a thin skin

A nightmarish account by a Swedish lawyer, of how the State in her country snatches children from perfectly OK parents, partly because there's a good living to be made from it, and sometimes for squalid emotional revenge. Nurse Ratched unleashed on the family, a much wider target than the mentally ill. But I suppose this is what we get as the State expands.

htp: Schadenfreude


dearieme said...

Under the Social Democrats, Sweden kept doing eugenic sterilisations into the 70s. Not necessarily wrong but distinctly, what shall I say, robust.

hatfield girl said...

The Mail has been campaigning for a year at least on famliies whose children are being removed in the UK because there are cash bonuses provided by the Labour government to raise the numbers of adoptions. It has been explained at times as an unexpected side effect of bonuses intended to encourage children in care into foster and adoptive homes. After reading that I am with the families struggling to get their children back.


Thanks, HG, I'd forgotten about the Mail's expose.

Semaj Mahgih said...

The great difficulty now is to construct a method of reining in the state in its encroachment. From which sector will this begin?



Baht At said...

I note the article is on a religious nutcase site so I think I'll assume the Swedish government is on the side of the angels here.


BA: read what the lawyer says, though! She merely came to speak to the forum, and there's plenty for even the non-religious to get exercised about - unless one is in favour of excessive power wielded arbitrarily.

Schadenfreude said...

Although the article appears on a religious nutcase site the article has actually been lifted by them from somewhere else. Siv Westerberg is a prominent child rights lawyer in Sweden. She runs a charity which you will find at www.nkmr.org.

The question is, why is a country that has no underclass to speak of, and little immigration, has both abortion and readily available contraception, taking more than twice as many children into care as the UK? Something must be wrong.

hatfield girl said...

Not religious nut casery. It's happening in the UK as well.

Marianne Skånland said...

Bergen, Norway:

Schadenfreude and hatfield girl both seem to me to be right, actually. We who try to fight against this state-run abuse in the Nordic countries see all the horrid details of the Child 'Protection Services' (CPS) here and it is probably extra prevalent here. Why? Precisely because we have too much money and welfare and social workers have no real job to do. So they and their allies invent one.

But basically it is the same in every country that starts expanding its training of social workers and psychologists. Several of us have contacts abroad who struggle against similar or identical abuses in their own countries.

Perhaps you might be interested in something I wrote a few years back? :
"The attitude of social professions involved in the child protection sector"

We try, furthermore, to include sections in English on some Scandinavian web-sites dealing with CPS abuse – look for a British flag or a section heading in English :