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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Trump is going to lose, by Sackerson

 How do I know? By listening to Scott Adams, who spotted him as a winner early in 2016 and up till now has been ready to spin events and statements in DJT's favour. Now, I feel, he's sidling away, dissociating himself, giving reasons to which, if he thought the tide was still running in Trump's direction, he would find counters.

The resistance to Trump has come from both sides, relentlessly, for four years, despite the fact that Orange Man Bad has not initiated and prosecuted wars like previous incumbents, and seems to have been instrumental in fostering a rapprochement between various Islamic states and Israel, for which he has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize (which the committee was never, never going to award him.) Oh, and Trump's understanding of how globalism oppresses the workers (how was it that the Russians abandoned Communism in 1989 yet the Western élite continued to cast them as the villains while handing the West's economies to the largest Communist state in the world?)

DJT's personal faults are on the surface for all to see, and it drives many peple mad to see how unapologetic he is. There is also - though this doesn't get much play in the personal abuse sh*tstorm heaped on him via social media and the largely Democrat-supporting news establishment - the traditional Republican right-wing agenda that to British eyes looks like the hard-heartedness of our eighteenth century aristos. 

Having said that, the Left has a stake in never improving the lives of the working class too much, lest the latter get on in life and become independent of their political semi-benefactors (remember how the Labour Party targeted grammar schools rather than private schools?)

Now here comes Biden, with his TV compère's grin; and an element in the Democratic Party that is looking to pack the Supreme Court and cancel the Electoral College, anything to perpetuate the rule of their faction, at whatever cost to the constitutional fabric of the country.

As HL Mencken said, 'Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.'


Paddington said...

Sorry, but you seem to have an odd view of our President.

The man has cheated everyone he has ever done business with: suppliers, partners, banks, wives, etc. He is almost literally a bull in a china shop with everything, as most of the people who tried to work in the White House have noted.

The executive orders that he has signed have undone all of the good that environmental legislation has done for decades.

His direct actions have thrown at least 5 million people off any kind of healthcare, with millions more as a result of his actions on the coronavirus.

He took a growing economy, claimed credit for it, and spent trillions that we don't have, giving it directly to the top 0.1%, while claiming that everyone got a tax cut (I lost money).

He claimed to help the unemployed by deferring payroll taxes until next year (consider the logic in that), which will further hurt low-income workers, and is intended as an attack on Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

There is so much more, including immigration policy, which is a complete balls-up as a result of his stupid actions.

Sackerson said...

I understand, not least from you, about the Republican pushback on environment, health etc. That isn't limited to Trump of course, and much of the rest of the world looks agog at how the world's richest nation has for so long left much of its people in poverty and sickness.

But he has achieved some things in foreign relations, and attempted to level the playing field for American workers by revisiting terms of ttade and trying to limit illegal immigration (which latter both Obama and Clinton publicly undertook to do).

In the meantime we hear little from the Biden camp about what exactly he intends - reminds me of the film 'The Candidate' - and the spitting hatred directed at Trump daily since November 2016, plus the widespread, sustained seditious activity of several Federal agencies, is simply shocking.

You yourself have some doubt about the Dems and I see them as akin (though to the right of) to the British Labour Party - the working person's frenemy. In both cases the parties have developed a will to survive as political entities that implies a ceiling on what they are willing to achieve for their constituents/adherents.

As a Brit, I'm glad not to have the choice between these two candidates but I think that when the American public has hastily married Joe on the rebound it will repent at leisure.

Paddington said...

Not true.

The Biden camp has released a full slate of proposals on their website, which Trump refused to do.

As for helping workers, Trump has done nothing, except start a trade war with China which bankrupted thousands of small farmers.

Locally, he promised to help out the Lordstown GM plant. Which closed a few months later.

The man and his party are useless.

Sackerson said...

I'll have to stand corrected on the D proposals on their website; what's hitting the social and news media is the personal vituperation and things like Biden's refusal to commit on the question of packing the Supreme Court.

The trade war with China should not have been necessary, but the elites made it inevitable; same as Heath's betrayal of the British fishing industry, which has led to French fishers firing on our boats as they see our waters slipping from their grasp. Maybe Trump (or his successor) needs a detail man to handle the implications e.g. support the victims of Chinese pushback.

About the Lordstown thing I know nothing, though maybe the American auto industry should have been reassessed long since; I note Buffett bought into rail stock years ago. The waste of energy, material and manpower, because of a failure to systematise the transportation of people and goods! You know I bought my first car at 36 and even then only because I needed it for business.

Paddington said...

The point is that he told them not to sell their houses, when the whole deal was union-busting.

He has damaged everyone and everything that he has touched.

Sackerson said...

I'm sorry to hear that; but again I don't think that's just him. Maybe it's the pseudodemocratic systems of the West, but I can't recall a government that knew how to plan systematically and long-term. (Blair talked about joined-up government but effed up the opportunities presented to him by his first landslide, preferring his radical program of constitutional destruction.)

Already I've seen somewhere - Spectator? - a suggestion that what we need is Chinese-style government. Oh yeah!

Not many places left to 'light out ahead of civilisation.' I begin to think that the Sentinel Islanders have the right approach.

Paddington said...

Our President's latest bill proposals:

Eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit (for low income workers)
Eliminate the Child Tax Credit
More tax cuts for the top 1%

Sackerson said...

Any rationale offered for the first two?

Paddington said...

Other than hatred of the poor, because "it's their fault"?

Sackerson said...

Yet DJT wants blue-collar support, doesn't he? I don't understand.

Paddington said...

He is a con man.

Plus, the perception is that 'socialist' measures will benefit the 'wrong' people (read non-white), and we can't have that.