Sunday, September 09, 2018

"Yet all shall be forgot": Brazil museum fire


The tribes have gone; the archaeological evidence has gone and their voices have gone; soon enough the memory of them will have gone.

Perhaps some scraps can be recovered, if the public helps:

I don’t think enough people really understand yet exactly how horrific this fire was. This was a loss to our world and species.

This is the kind of fire we think of thousands of years later as the deepest of tragedy. On the scale of the Library of Alexandria. It’s worse than that really. The Library of Alexandria kept copies of books in other locations so historically very little was lost in individual fires over the centuries.

This? We lost so goddamn much in one night.

If you want to help… if you have ANY vacation photos, videos, anything documenting the contents of the museum: You may in fact be the sole owner of a slice of humanity’s soul.

Please send a copy to:


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