Saturday, February 18, 2017

Flynn's firing: part of Trump's deception plan against Democrat-supporting spooks?

The dismissal of President Trump's National Security Adviser, Lt-Gen. Michael Flynn, is a smokescreen hiding a successful operation to identify subversive elements in the intelligence community, claims writer Thomas Wictor.(1)

According to Wictor, different versions of a false story about discussions between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador to the US were fed into the community as a "barium meal" to disclose how classified information is illegally passed on in order to undermine the President, and who is prepared to use it. Acting Attorney General Sally Q. Yates is, he says, the first to be unmasked by the deception.

Wictor draws an analogy with the disinformation that revealed where the Japanese were going to attack in the Pacific in June 1942, and led to the Americans' destruction of four enemy aircraft carriers in the Battle of Midway.(2)

If so, hit and sunk, Mrs Yates. She was fired on January 30 for defying Trump's selective immigration moratorium; that's the mainstream media story, anyhow.(3)

The battle in the shadows goes on. But if Wictor is right, the intelligence community is on notice that long terms of imprisonment could await those who dare to plot the downfall of the nation's Chief Executive.



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Twilight said...

Interesting theory! Hadn't come across that one before.
Hadn't heard of Mr Wictor; tried to access the "About" section on his website but it's not available, also his Twitter account appears to be under seige right now. Somebody up there mustn't like him!