Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Night Is Music Night: Singer-songwriters

JD has some singer songwriters for you:

 During those far off days of the 1960s there emerged the cult of the singer-songwriter. Some became famous while others wrote songs for other people and remained in the background. Not all of them were good but some of them were very good indeed and remain a lasting influence on musicians, even today. Here is some of that exceptional talent singing their own songs-

Harry Nilsson made this song famous, but here is the the man who wrote it - Fred Neil: 

Steve Goodman:

Tim Buckley:

One of the seminal groups of the sixties were The Byrds. Of the three original members, Jim McGuinn with those famous granny glasses and the distinctive sound of his 12 string Rickenbacker seemed to draw most of the attention and Crosby was just a superfluous appendage but Gene Clark was undoubtedly their heart and soul; he wrote most of their songs:

Fred Neil again with one of his most beautiful songs:


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