Sunday, February 14, 2016

Noble, terrible, piteous

Burma, 23 January 1945: like the Saxons of Maldon, the Japanese embrace their doom...

"On the day that Monywa was taken, other troops of the 20th Division, pressing on, reached the Irrawaddy at Myinmu. Near here, a few days later, there was a fight with a large Japanese party attempting to withdraw over the river. Resisting stubbornly, the enemy had been almost annihilated, when the last survivors, in full equipment and with closed ranks, under the astonished eyes of our men, marched steadily into the river and drowned."

Field Marshal Viscount Slim, "Defeat Into Victory", Pan Books (1999 edn.), p.418
(This incident also mentioned here:

As John Masters - another Forgotten Army participant - said, if only we worked at peace half as hard as we do at war.


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