Sunday, July 05, 2015

Hard choices

You are a teenage girl. Do you:

(a) Stay at home, do your schoolwork, take orders from your mother and plan for a life full of work like hers, looking out from your kitchen window to see more brick-built houses just like yours, or...

(b) Run away from home and have sex with a hero?

Children have so many more options these days, no wonder they're confused.

Mind you, in the Sixties it was rock and pop stars; but they're keeping their heads down now with all the ongoing police investigations. They don't have AK-47s.

And then while all the child-grooming panic is going on, you've got school inspectors quizzing kids about sex in a way that would have got them banged up fifty years ago, a clueless Education Minister who thinks the reason ISIL are bad is that they're against homosexuality (which would also have got you banged up fifty years ago), and Ofsted promoting "British values" including "tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs" while simutaneously targeting Muslim schools in Operation Trojan Horse.

To top it off we have a government that wants to bomb some kind of Syrians - a couple of years ago it was Assad and co., now it's the other side, so with all this chopping and changing you may as well carpet-bomb the lot, they'll have been the enemy at some point. What price Cameron for Middle East Peace Envoy?

Junowat, never mind the children, I'm confused.


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James Higham said...

Yes, not important who to bomb, just bomb they think. This is Them in full cry.