Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kill the old

... is a slogan I saw on the back of an upper deck bus seat in the 1980s. Shocking, but perhaps only just: after all, we have killed the young unborn in their millions, especially since 1967.

Now we face a demographic imbalance that will ravage the Welfare State and cripple us with taxes, as this article explains.

Or to put it visually:

Same story as in Japan, except there they still make something other than City bonuses:

Why does the Government encourage us to eat healthily? We should all do like Ken Clarke.


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James Higham said...

Is it just me or are those graphs hard to follow, Sackers?

Paddington said...

It's you James. Like me, you are old.

James Higham said...

Ah, all goes over my head these days.

Wolfie said...

If the old didn't demand such a high standard of living, worked longer and vacated family housing sooner we could bare this demographic shift. The problem is that the Boomers are the "me" generation.

Sackerson said...

Yes, And they're running the media.