Thursday, March 19, 2015

By the roots: the Establishment paedophile network
This is a British MP writing in a major, Conservative-leaning newspaper:
"Slowly but surely, though, a sober realisation has dawned upon the political classes that we’re looking at a truly monumental cover up.
"The revelations aired on Newsnight this week that in 1981 Cyril Smith was released from a police station hours after he had been arrested at a sex party with teenage boys is simply another chapter in this horrifying story.
"We now know that Smith walked free from police stations all over the country after orders were made from on high to release him. He was first investigated by police in the Fifties, and was still being investigated by police as late as 1999.
"The same pattern of events unfolds in almost every operation. Police are told to hand over all evidence, files are destroyed and officers are warned never to speak about Smith again, with the added threat of being prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act...

"... why was he allowed to get away with it for so long? Why would a Liberal MP with no prospect of ever holding high office be given so much protection? Why was he given a pass to do as he pleased and prey on innocent boys all over the country?...

"I now believe that this is because a paedophile network - perhaps involving prominent politicians and policemen - had been established, and, if charged, Cyril could have blown it wide open."

For me, the killer quote is the penultimate paragraph above: why such impunity for a minor political figure?

The whole thing must be torn out by the roots, even if it takes a lot else with it. One evil joins hands with all its fellows; all of it must go.


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Paddington said...

I was astounded that I remembered who Cyril Smith was, after 37 years, and a problem with recall of names.

Wolfie said...

As a child I recall that it was common knowledge that the liberal establishment was riddled with homosexuals and paedophiles. Why the shock now?

The party should have been shut-down decades ago.

Sackerson said...

Buy the rumour, sell the news?

Anonymous said...

Freemasons that your answer that's the real link