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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Once a generation (revisited)

Updating last year's speculation:

1964-ish (young v. old)
1989 - the crumbling of communism
2014 - what James Kunstler describes as "apocalyptic Jihadism", notably ISIL

None of it is to do with reason, some of it is against a background of societal stress as described in Norman Cohn's "Pursuit of the Millennium"... but how much is down to gonads, and the time it take for a new generation who don't know how hot fire burns, to come to the fore?


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Mark Wadsworth said...

Can't you think of anything better for 1964. Vietnam War or something?

Sackerson said...

That had been running on and off for years before that - e.g. 1954 on. And how many years have there been when the world had no wars in any region? 268/3400, according to this: