Sunday, February 22, 2015

Le Blob Vert


I see Lord Prescott is off to the the Paris climate jolly in December. From the BBC we hear -

John Prescott is returning to front-line politics as an unpaid adviser to Ed Miliband with responsibility for climate change.

The former deputy PM will focus on trying to help a future Labour government seek agreement at climate change talks due to take place in Paris in December, Labour sources say.

Mr Miliband said in a tweet that Lord Prescott "knows how to knock heads together".

Surely an odd choice - sending a known buffoon on a mission to save the planet. Maybe he barged his way to the front of a long queue using his well-developed political elbows to snatch the plum before anyone else spotted it.

Or maybe not. 


Sackerson said...

Or is his buffoonery a good disguise? He stumbles in speaking, yet where did the silver tongue of Blair get us? At least Prescott has not had to become a latter-day Flying Dutchman, like his former boss.

A K Haart said...

Sackers - yes, buffoonery can be a sound political persona although Prescott's seems a little too genuine to me. He wouldn't be there without a vein of genuine political craft though.