Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some Christians are "mad, bad and dangerous to know" - and not in a sexy Byronic way

On the site of former Republican Congressman Ron Paul, a committed Christian, is reprinted a sharp attack on the homicidal bigotry of some fundamentalist Christians.

"Final solution... Muslim death wish [of victims of Muslim extremists].. Syrians under siege by ISIS have pleaded, “Please bomb us!... kill them... God’s sworn enemies...  mass sterilization, mass expulsion, or some combination of the two... crush the vicious seed of Ishmael in Jesus’ name... Islam shall be outlawed in the United States..."

Orators and hotheads like this make one wonder whether more democracy would really be a blessing.

Byron in 1814.
"Don't blame me," says the ghost of Lord Byron, "I loved the Sufis."
"The fifth session was chaired by Professor Naji Oueijan from Notre Dame University in Lebanon. The speakers were his students Rouba Douaihy, Hala Halaoui, Tracey El Hajj, and Grace Nakhoul. In “Byron and the Sufi Poets” Douaihy discussed the influence of Sufi poetry on the works of Lord Byron. She stated that the Orient was a source of inspiration for Byron’s works and that Byron looked to the East for escapism, peace of mind and spiritual elevation and that Byron’s extensive readings about the East along with his later travels to Albania, Turkey and Greece as well as other Eastern countries are at the very heart of his Oriental tales. His readings of Persian Sufi poetry by figures such as Firdausi, Sadi and Hafiz, inspired many of the themes in his Oriental tales, including“the triple eros”of power, wisdom and love. To Byron, Firdausi’s works represent the power of the East, Sadi’s represent wisdom, and Hafiz’s represent love."
- Messolonghi Byron Society international conference (2011)


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James Higham said...

not in a sexy Byronic way

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