Sunday, July 06, 2014

Parliament and paedophilia: is the lid coming off?

Post-apocalypse London, by Hungarian artist Páldi Balázs

Simon Danczuk MP, in the Mail on Sunday:

"If MPs have harboured paedophiles, the damage to British democracy will be fatal...
"During the committee hearing later that day, one MP asked if pressure had been put on me to keep quiet about suspected child abusers. I nodded. Yes, it had. The MP pursued it no further...

"I believe we're on the verge of a Savile-like scandal sweeping through Parliament. Yet, for most people at the top, this prospect is not even on their radar. They're completely impervious to it.

"Once the idea that paedophiles have been lawmakers gains wider traction and people start to think political parties have knowingly harboured paedophiles then our parliamentary democracy will suffer an enormous, near fatal blow, the likes of which it will take years to recover from."

On the other hand:

From BBC TV's "Yes, Minister" - "The Skeleton In The Cupboard" (25 November 1982)

"It is possible to remove everything of significance from a file released under the 30-year rule by saying that it is complete except for:

a. A small number of secret documents.
b. A few documents which are part of still active files.
c. Some correspondence lost in the floods of 1967.
d. Some records which went astray in the move to London.
e. Other records which went astray when the Department was reorganized.
f. The normal withdrawal of papers whose publication could give grounds for an action for libel of breach of confidence or cause embarrassment to friendly governments."

(A paraphrase - see last 3 minutes of episode)

But maybe not this time...

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