Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Frackquakes: evidence

"Did a train just go past?"

John Martin: The Great Day Of His Wrath

A professor of seismology links soaring seismic activity on Oklahoma to fracking; an industry-sponsored research association dismisses the effects as negligible.

(Htp: Chris Martenson's Peak Prosperity site).


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F***W*T TW****R said...

Perhaps he should listen to this from Zoe Shipton,,d.ZGU

Sobers said...

I struggle to understand the problem with these small earthquakes, whether they are caused by fracking or not. Is it not the case that seismic tension is best released in small earthquakes rather than building up to larger ones? Thus if fracking causes multiple small quakes that do very little (if any) damage then the area is in fact far safer as a result, than if they had never occurred. What can't happen is for a swarm of small quakes to somehow 'create' a big one. It just doesn't work like that. Every quake dissipates energy so each small one makes a larger one less likely.

Sackerson said...

FT: will have a dekko, thanks.

Sobers: good point, though the industry spin carefully avoids denying the link. Does fracking cause seismic activity that otherwise wouldn't happen at all? Next stop: fracking on the San Andreas Fault?

Sackerson said...

FT: have now heard it, thought the Prof. was fair and balanced on the subjects of fracking, legitimacy of public's concerns and the issue of trust in operators and variable local law and regulation.

Thanks for the link. Are you a scientist?

Paddington said...

I talked with a geologist. His take was that small quakes which were going to happen might do so sooner with fracking.