Saturday, January 04, 2014

Vote for John Ward!

At last, a party political manifesto I could get behind:

  • Mutualise the NHS and all social weal services
  • Replace Whitehall with mutualised administration
  • Disallow all additional Sir Humphrey pension emoluments after 2006
  • Stop immigration dead now
  • Start retraining our over-educated, under-equipped workforce
  • Stop building boxes and start growing food
  • Leave the EU, let Scotland bugger off if it wants to
  • Stop all rises and bonuses at taxpayer-owned banks
  • Make any form of bank bailin illegal
  • Purge the police force of crooks
  • Stop non-taxpayers from owning media titles
  • Sanitise Westminster’s money-lobbying forever
  • Come down hard on multinational tax avoidance
  • Introduce compulsory uniformed Social Service for every child without exception from age 12-14
  • Put respect for others at the centre of education.
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