Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Climate blogs

What's the collective noun for climate blogs?

Whatever it is and in case you haven't come across it, ScottishSceptic has created, a site listing about 100 - although I haven't counted them - sceptic and non-sceptic climate blogs with the first few lines of their latest posts. As a preliminary to this work he posted a ranking list of blogs here.

He also has an interesting post which tries to assess the motivations and outlook of the two sides. It doesn't fit me too well, although I agree with those who see a significant political influence in the climate debate.

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James Higham said...

Not surprising to see WUWT at the top.

A K Haart said...

James - yes, it posts some fascinating ideas - maybe too many to take in.

Paddington said...

I do note the the anti-AGW crowd are very short on science (and they aren't short of money). In fact, the Koch paid a physicist just to debunk the evidence a couple of years ago, and his report did just the opposite.

Then there's Monckton, who not only lies about the known models and data, but then denies things he said on record!

Let us not forget the group who claim that "scientists were warning about global cooling in the 1970's", when in fact they can't produce any science journals which say that.

It's not skepticism, it's simple denial. There is little difference (and a lot of overlap in population) between this view and those who deny evolution as a science.