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Friday, May 03, 2013

Daily Telegraph in hysterical fear of conservative policies

Mary Riddell:

So consider, this morning, what a Ukip Britain would look like. it would be a locked-down land, armed to the hilt, where good foreigners were repelled and bad ones expelled, no questions asked. It would be a country concreted over for extra jails (though never for high speed rail lines). It would be a quaint place – an old curiosity shop of matrons and smoking rooms.

It would be a nation of wild spending, of derisory taxes for the rich and – not least because all talk of climate change would be abandoned – a country programmed for ruin.

I don't understand why she's working for the Barclay brothers.

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1 comment:

A K Haart said...

Poor Mary Riddell. Ironically the world is not as limited as she'd like it to be.