Saturday, August 04, 2012

Fantastic news for the drug-addled libertarian!

Mexico has caved in. No more fighting against drugs.

The tidal wave moves up the shore. Soon, in the first self-inflicted global pandemic, we will all discover just how strong our will is; Damian Thompson knows already.

And now I must prepare to be verbally flayed by those who just know that they can handle it, and whose philosophy is atomised freedom: the solitary individual, totally disconnected from all others, making his choices in a moral and cultural vacuum and unaffected by his physiology or subconscious compulsions.

I think the fundamental issue of our age may turn out to be the Four Noble Truths.


Sobers said...

Ah, because prohibition is working oh so well I suppose:

Nearly 50K murders in the last 5 years in Mexico alone. I suppose the Mexicans should just continue with the 'War on Drugs' until there's no Mexicans left to shoot.

Sackerson said...

Why should we export our drugs war? If we were serious, we'd criminalise use.

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Sackerson said...

Nothing better than a bit of automated commercial praise, I always say.