Friday, April 13, 2012

Syria and the Great Game

If all you go by is the radio and TV news here, President Assad is a bad man. This has only been discovered recently, which is why it's taken us until now to do something about it. Fortunately our friends in Turkey are joining in, and Gulf States are generously funding the struggle of the oppressed against him. The TV is showing us exciting but also horrid footage of things going bang, rifles being fired; please make it all go away so everyone can be nice to each other again, we say.

Or is this part of a bigger picture? Russia resurgent, China emergent, America's problems getting urgent. Oil getting short, allies being bought, civil wars being fought in non-aligned states.

Great nations are foolish if they take each other on directly - the cost is so high economically and socially that the ruling classes risk overthrow from within. What you do instead is draw other countries into your team, and if their leaders insist on standing apart, you undermine them so they'll be replaced with someone more compliant.

Isn't that what happened in Libya, and is going on in Syria? Maybe Tunisia and Egypt, too?

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