Sunday, March 13, 2011

It begins

Is a radical a broken Conservative, one who believes in the principles of his country and whose conditioned inhibitions have snapped after too long contemplating the suborning of the Constitution?

How interesting that businessman-turned-professional-investor Karl Denninger should host a YouTube video by a subversive group that intends to mount cyberattacks on "The Machine"; a video that concludes with the soundtrack of Mario Savio's 1964 sit-down protest "put your bodies upon the gears" speech at the University of Berkeley, California.

And now that speech no longer sounds like merely the effusion of youthful testosterone, the power-ambition of spoiled adolescence; it begins to sounds reasonable, even to an older, cynical man like me, who never bought into revolution even as a student. It begins to sound like the only, desperate chance.

In that beginning are the seeds of a bigger beginning.


Paddington said...

'Dedicated to the notion that government by the corporation, of the corporation and for the corporation shall not perish from this Earth'.

This is the greatest attack on most people since feudal times. Some are bound to fight back, and it will get ugly.

James Higham said...

Karl is perhaps seen now as a bit too radical for a mainstream eco-pundit and yet he's not wrong. There are truly fundamental moves on the society going on - I just saw Zeitgeist and The Uncut in my blog travels and there is no doubt we are in a war.