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Friday, May 15, 2009

The memory hole

From The Grumbler, but strangely, on page 9 in the dead tree version, rather than the front page:

Tony Blair dodged possible fire over his housing deals after hundreds of expenses claims were 'accidentally' shredded.

Documents itemising some of the then Prime Minister's receipts for 2001-02 were destroyed by Commons officials 'by mistake'.

Raising his voice above the shredders' roar, a source close to a former Prime Minister bawled that he was a pretty straight kind of a guy. Your correspondent made his excuses and left, pursued by an alcoholic pugilist making dark references to discoveries in woods.


sobers said...

This country gets more like a tinpot banana republic every day......

dearieme said...

Cheer up. Maybe the chap who shredded them really took them home and popped them in the garden shed, as his own wee pension plan.

Sackerson said...

Sobers: indeed. First occurred to me a few years ago, when I came back to the UK from holiday and saw posing black-clad police with automatic weapons at the airport.

Dearieme: I like the way your mind works.