Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The New World Order: a philosophical objection

A deep essay by Christopher Quigley here, but one I intend to re-read. Marxist philosophy always made my eyes water, practically instantly, as I have little tolerance for prolonged abstract multisyllabic holy-rolling, but I'll steel myself because we have to have some understanding of the madness that seems to have seized our modern conspiratorial ruling class. "Affairs are now soul-size".


hatfield girl said...

Those New Labour slogans:

' Forward not Back'

' Change'

' Realising the Future'

(It is noteworthy that the non-communist party slogan in the first contested elections in Poland since the Second War, that brought the downfall of realised socialism in 1989 was:

'zeby zycie belo normalne' -
' Vote for normality in everyday life!'
In heightened language it could be put as -
' That Life should be Normal'

The Poles had had enough of Hegel's take. This slogan lost the communists every single contested seat in the Lower House (65% were reserved for communists) and all of the Senate.

I do hope we will be as successful as the peoples of the east of Europe (and perhaps will need to be as brave) in getting an election and delivering as they did.

jmb said...

Sackerson, you can't keep a good man down apparently. Are these one-offs or do you want to "wake up"?


Irregular for the moment, JMB - still many other commitments.


HG: "Jam tomorrow."