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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Here is tomorrow's news

An online newspaper from the Northern Marianas (south-east from Japan), dated Friday, gives some quotes from Peter Schiff, including this startling (and measurable) one:

"People call us the biggest economy in the world but it’s false, we’ll be lucky to be in the top 20 in two years’ time."
According to the World Bank and ranked by 2006 GDP, the 20th country is Switzerland; by purchasing power parity, it's Iran; by Gross National Income (Atlas method) it's Turkey. Doesn't look likely, so far.
But by gross national income per capita, on a purchasing power parity method, the 20th country is Belgium; and by GNP per capita (Atlas method), it's Germany. Maybe we're getting somewhere now.
In this list of countries by external debt, the USA comes top (over $10 trillion), with the UK in second place (over 8 trillion), and I'm sure we'd rather swap places here with Greece in 20th position ($301.9 billion); but that doesn't take into account the relative sizes of our economies. I'm still searching for a list of countries by net external debt, related to GDP. Help would be appreciated!
On a list of public debt to GDP, the USA is in 32nd place (64.7%), and the UK is in 61st place (42.2%). The Lebanon (209%) and Japan (175.5%) are the top two on this sinner's list.
As they say, comparisons are odious.

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