Sunday, June 19, 2016

An apology

Some weeks ago, looking at the Mail on Sunday, I wondered what had happened to editor Paul Dacre - its Referendum coverage was on full Project Fear.

Fool me, the editor of the MoS is Geordie Greig - sorry, Mr Dacre. According to Private Eye the two deeply dislike one another. Today the MoS charges full tilt at Brexit - something like the first dozen pages! - using the dreadful murder of Jo Cox by a madman as its battering ram.

The name may be a clue. Mr Greig is, as Polly Vernon's 2005 Guardian article about him stresses, "very kind and supportive and Scottish." There are some among Scottish nationalists who desire not only their liberty, but anything that may be to the detriment of their southern neighbours. Even it it means remaining in the EU, which will by degrees leach away what is left of Scottish freedom. [Dacre's paper campaigned for Scotland to stay in the UK.]

The vote looks to be very close. Will the outcome of the most important political decision in forty years be swayed by an emotional spasm heavily triggered by a Sunday paper and its editor's personal animosities?

Only Peter Hitchens talks any sense on the subject today.


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wiggiatlarge said...

Private Eye has indeed been following the mutual hate of the two editors for some time, they do indeed respond with totally different views on subjects simply to spike one another.
Bit infantile and disingenuous to do that with something so important but no suprise given the level of debate in this referendum in the MSM.

Jim in San Marcos said...

Brexit might give a refreshing change to a stale world that doesn't work as planed.

Everyone is so certain as to what the results will be on both sides. Kind of makes me laugh.

If you take a step backwards, all you can deduce is that what is in place isn't really working and the economy is worse than what is admitted by the politicians.

Of course if every immigrant wants to immigrate to GB, it lends to the idea that things are better here than where they are coming from.

A real 60 percent unemployment is a driving factor for these refugees, in GB it's only (fill in the blank). Government statistics are not the most accurate.

As an American, I would suggest leaving the EU, it is based on a monetary system that the politicians can't fiddle with (until last year). Cut and run and get into more sane environment. You can't cheat yourself.

Sackerson said...

Wiggia, on one side the New World Order, on the other, political clowns clambering onto the bandwagon to try to grab the reins. No wonder there's a fog of distraction and insult.

Jim, what do Americans think of their President flying into the UK to tell Brits to vote away their independence?

Jim in San Marcos said...

Hi Sack

I think we need to keep all politicians out of the decision. They are what has created the mess in our country and over in yours.

The trouble is, a 50 50 split doesn't offer up much of a solution

Jim in San Marcos said...

An evenly divided vote on the issue pretty much points to the fact that you have a boat without a tiller. Half the people don't like the ride, the trouble is, how do you get them all back on the same course?