Thursday, August 11, 2016

Squaring The Love Triangle

Imposing a way of life can have terrible consequences. This story has a universal feel to it, about the dangers of trying to dam natural drives:

I well remember an aboriginal couple who were married "Christian way in church". The woman was not aware that the union was a fixed one - not as in the tribe, where the people can become divorced by mutual consent.

The marriage irked her so much that she decided to break it up and take to herself another man of the tribe. Her method was simple and ingenious.

She became the friend of another native man I knew and, unknown to him, used him as a means of arousing her husband to such a jealous madness that he crept upon the man, who he thought was his wife's lover, and killed him with a spear.

I found it all out too late, and even then I could not stop the self-satisfied smile on the real killer's face, as her husband went to jail whilst she returned to her true lover.

From "Life among the aborigines" by W E Harney, Robert Hale, 1957 (pp. 31-32)

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James Higham said...

Yet some westerners,particularly historians, are wont to extol the virtues of Polynesian society. Blinkin' nightmare it seems to me, where no one is safe, as in all pagan societies.

Paddington said...

Didn't you post this some time ago?

Sackerson said...

Must have a look, didn't recall.

Sackerson said...

You're quite right, will take the earlier one off. Thanks for the jog.