Saturday, October 31, 2015

George Orwell released after 13 years

Last UK Balagansk Detainee Lands In Britain

05 January 1950

The last British resident to be held in Balagansk Prison has landed in the UK, having been detained for 13 years.
Socialist writer Eric Blair was held at the Russian GULAG camp in Balagansk over allegations he had led an anarchist unit in Catalonia and had met Buenaventura Durruti, but was never charged.

Downing Street said there were "no plans" to detain him after his arrival.

Mr Blair said he felt "obliged" to everyone who fought for him to be released, and to "bring an end to the gulags".

Number 10 said Prime Minister Clement Attlee "welcomes" the release of Mr Blair.

It also said any necessary security measures "will be put in place".

Historical footnote: was the real George Orwell murdered?


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