Monday, April 01, 2013

Great April Fool jokes

It had me going for a minute, this report on Iceland Review Online. It claims that the Icelandic króna will be replaced tomorrow by a multinational West African currency backed by the French Treasury and pegged to the Euro; and that Iceland is to join the EU by the end of this year.

Equally ridiculous is the spoof British welfare reform plan to cut housing benefit by 14% if there's a spare room in the house. As though the beleaguered underclass can change house at the drop of a hat, find new schools for their children etc. Or maybe rent the room to a non-CRB-checked stranger - would they have got away with calling it a Jimmy Savile tax, I wonder? I almost believed that one, too. And it's taken in so many others, including organisations that should know better. No fair trailing it in the Press weeks before, though: the wind-up should only take place before noon on April 1st. Speaking of which, I've got one, if you want to use it: all housing benefits to be paid via Bank of Cyprus accounts.

Nearly as good as the spaghetti tree leg-pull of 1957, which I still remember:

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