Warum gibt es etwas und nicht nichts? (Why is there something rather than nothing?) - Leibniz

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Libertarians should consider commercial tyranny as well as political

I've just happened on a documentary screened on Russia TV (Freeview here in the UK), about the battle between a small Canadian farmer and Monsanto.

I think the fight for freedom is no longer solely against Big Brother. Libertarians should consider Big MD/Big CEO as a major threat, especially since multinational corporations are more powerful than many governments.

And I don't think I'm alone in feeling that patenting life itself is in some way an outrage.


Mark Wadsworth said...


Paddington said...

What appalls me is that you can have a genetic test done, and the company can then patent YOUR gene.

Anthony Migchels said...

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James Higham said...

Big Brother. Libertarians should consider Big MD/Big CEO

Same team.

Daniel1979 said...

yep, IMHO corporatism and capitalism are distinct enough that the case can be made sanely.