Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hitchens against war

Really fascinating article by Peter Hitchens today, on what the world might have looked like if Britain had not declared war in 1939. And a wonderful three-paragraph (in the print edition) pudding of complaints about our present condition:

... if we won it, how come we look back on the Second World War from conditions we might normally associate with defeat and occupation? We are a second-rate power, rapidly slipping into third-rate status. We have a weak currency and shrunken armed forces, deployed as auxiliaries in wars that are not in our interest, and we are largely governed from abroad.

Our Parliament is a bought and paid-for puppet chamber. Our culture and customs have been debauched and our younger generations corrupted, as subject populations are, with drink, drugs and promiscuity.

We are compelled, like an occupied people, to use foreign measures to buy butter or meat, and our history is largely forgotten or deliberately distorted in the schools to suit anti-British dogma. Those schools are unable to educate most of our children up to the levels of our main rivals, so ensuring that we provide no challenge to them. Our country has been Balkanised into provinces and regions. Our language is invaded by foreign words and expressions. Our food and most of our consumer goods are imported, along with our TV programmes and films.

The remaining veterans of the supposedly glorious struggle, far from being gratefully honoured, often live in pinched poverty, scared of feral youths, or die neglected in squalid hospitals in a country many of them no longer recognise as their own.

A little over-egged, but still tremendously good.


Fred said...

We defeated the Nazis and then a weakened UK lost to the cultural Marxists. Should have learned a lesson from poor old Harold.

Everybody else ended up on the losing side too - but that's war for you. Throw a rock into a still pond and the ripples flow out forever.

Wolfie said...

What's over-egged about it?

My Father spent six years fighting Nazis and was furious that we didn't go on to defeat Stalin. On occasion he went on missions in conjunction with the Red Army, respected the men but could see the danger in the ideology.

He arrived home to find the minds of the working men polluted and the schools infiltrated.

What fools we have been.

Sackerson said...

Hi Wolfie:

I was thinking of "Our language is invaded by foreign words and expressions... along with our TV programmes and films." You know it is, one can't resist throwing in everything from the back of the cupboard as well. For the rest, mostly right, I'd say.