Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Historic inflation in the USA and UK compared

Just for interest...


Anonymous said...

Well, it looks impressive but why do you compare USA CPI with UK RPI? Surely two different animals.

BTW, thank you for your blog, which I read frequently and find useful.

A David

Sackerson said...

Hi, and thanks. I agree, they're two different animals, it's just that I have the data (I'm slowly building up a database of various financial information). But I'd think CPI in the US and UK would also be two different animals, ditto RPI.

It's the general feeling I'm looking for: unless they're all so different as to be worthless using for comparison's sake, it does seem that the UK is structurally weaker than the US, and Karl Denninger makes this point very emphatically (he thinks the same of Europe and other countries, too).

NMMM.NU said...

I guess UK situation in 1970's was much worse than in USA.

Eighter it was not inflation related, or there is a mistake in comparisson.

I can be wrong of cource.