Friday, July 27, 2007

Should US Treasury bonds be downgraded?

iTulip's President, Eric Janszen (Wednesday) goes over the now-familiar arguments for a coming period of US recession/inflation, caused by the trade, budget and fiscal deficits.

He also links to Paul Farrell's article in Marketwatch (Monday), which questions America's creditworthiness as a result of having to finance the war in Iraq. Maybe we're going around the same track as with Vietnam, which burned up money (I remember a contemporary American cartoon of a steam engine with dollars being shovelled into the firebox).

Has the UK tied one of its little boats to the anchor chain of the Titanic? I calculate its loan to Uncle Sam's Treasury to be worth $2,757.65 per capita (British heads), or £1,345.99.

My wife and I could have a nice little holiday on that, which would be more fun, or a day at the races, which might get us a better return.

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